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12 Ways To Quickly Relax

12 Ways To Quickly Relax
There’s no denying it: life can be stressful. Thankfully, there are a myriad of ways to relax and relieve stress – instantly improving the way that you feel and even the way that you look. If you’re someone who suffers from frequent or occasional stress, we are hoping that you find some sweet relief in the list below...

1. Meditate

Meditate To Relax Your mind is incredibly powerful and there are strong beliefs that meditation can affect physical as well as emotional maladies. If you’re a newbie, you are in for a treat! Novices can watch videos online or even purchase guided meditations to listen to on your phone. Begin slowly some deep breathing and the power of positive thinking.

2. Yoga

Yoga To Relax As good for your body as it is for your mind, this rhythmic form of exercise centers around breathing and focusing all of your concentration on holding poses. Classes range in level of complexity so even if you have never tried yoga, you don’t have to be intimidated. Most instructors will also have you set an intention of how you want to feel when you come to your mat – strength, calm, confidence, you name it!

3. Nap

Nap To Relax Let’s face it; sometimes you just need to turn off the day for a while. A brief nap in a relaxing setting can quickly recharge your batteries and reset your focus for the rest of the day and week ahead of you. To get the most out of your rest, make sure that your room is quiet and dark. The addition of an eye mask or some soothing spa music can enhance your relaxation even further. Check out some of our tips for sleeping better here.

4. Get organized

Organize to Relax Cluttered house, cluttered mind has always been a truth of mine. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, even the smallest tidying up of your desk area can help to lower stress. If you’re someone who finds comfort in tidying up, maybe tackle your own wardrobe or the kids’ dresser drawers. This process always leaves me feeling centered and in control.

5. Head to the spa

Spa to Relax Opt for a facial treatment, massage or a soothing body treatment therapy to relieve your worries. Spas are incredibly relaxing environments and, when you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, nothing feels better than a little pampering. Try to clear your mind and enjoy the experience without running your to-do list through your head. unnamed-1

6. Take a walk

Walk Relax Getting out of the house or the office for a small amount of time can drastically improve your mood. Fresh air and physical exercise are natural stress relievers. Look for a small local loop that you can walk easily without being gone too long and find some relaxing music or even a book on tape to listen to while on your stroll.

7. Write it down

Write Relax Sometimes it can be helpful to purposely evaluate what is making you stressed. In times like this, I try to make a list of all the things on my plate. There’s solace in knowing that they are all down in one place and visualizing what is actually causing my stress helps empower me to break down each task and get it done most efficiently.

8. Calming music

Young Woman Washing Her Face There’s a reason why they play soothing music in spas and salons – it works to relax you. You can search for existing playlists full of calming music or even find music geared towards things like peace, anxiety relief, and stress reduction online. Opt for something with a light melody.

9. Aromatherapy

aromatherapy Soothing scents such as lavender (found in Yon-Ka’s Eau Micellaire), tea tree oil, and chamomile have been proven to reduce stress and help people relax. You can purchase essential oils to rub on your pressure points, burn candles or even try a diffuser to bring these scents into your environment.

10. Chocolate

Chocolate Relax That’s right! A little dark chocolate releases endorphins, which help you to feel happy and less, stressed out. We keep a supply of dark chocolate-covered almonds at my house for just such an occasion! It’s amazing what a little sweet treat can do for your mood, and your stress levels.

11. Drink tea

Tea to Relax If you’re like me, you love the ritual of a hot beverage. While it may be tempting to reach for coffee, a latte or even hot chocolate, Green Tea is truly your best option. Green Tea has L-Theanine in it, which can improve your mood and even help you to sleep better. If you’re not a fan of plain Green Tea, try a flavored version like Pomegranate or Cranberry – they’re delicious!

12. Wash your face

Wash Face Since your body is likely accustomed to starting and ending the day with a wash, the act of washing your face can provide a mental “restart” that initiates relaxation. I know when I’m really feeling stressed, a quick rinse with a steaming hot washcloth can make me feel energized – and it also does lovely things to cleanse my pores. For silky smooth skin with a delicate, calming scent, try Yon-Ka’s Lait Nettoyant Cleansing Lotion. It is sure to leave your skin perfectly clean, supple and soft. I’m feeling relaxed just thinking about a nice calming meditation or a trip to my local spa. What are your favorite ways to de-stress?
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