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Celebrity-Approved Skincare Must-Haves From Yon-Ka Paris

Tracee Ellis Ross, Martha Stewart & Hilary Swank

What cosmetics brand hasn't dreamed of having celebrities known for their glamour, style, and elegance as its muses? For Yon-Ka Paris, the dream became a reality and has lived on for many years. Who knows, maybe the Yon-Ka product in your skincare routine is the same as Katherine Heigel's, Victoria Beckham's, or Madonna's? Today, we're rolling out the Yon-Ka red carpet to highlight the stars who talk about us.

How do stars integrate their wellness and skincare routines? It's the result of a unique combination:

  • Products with proven efficacy: showbiz celebrities are ultra-solicited by cosmetics brands to try their products and talk about them. Only those offering real, visible, and/or felt results end up in their beauty collection..
  • Collaborations with makeup artists who regularly test new Yon-Ka Paris products. They are constantly on the lookout for new products to create ever more radiant beauty looks that last as long as possible. The secret to achieving these results? Preparing the complexion, which determines 50% of the final result. Cleansing, exfoliating, boosting skin radiance... This is where Yon-Ka products make all the difference. A personality who is satisfied with his or her makeup is bound to be interested in the products and tricks used to achieve this result.
  • Press and marketing teams on the lookout for events and opportunities to work with new celebrities of all nationalities and backgrounds. As a result, more and more celebrities are using and talking about their Yon-Ka products in the world of cinema, music, fashion, TV...

Celebrity Icons and their Yon-Ka Paris “Must-Haves”

For her, skincare is an essential part of her daily well-being routine. Martha Stewart, American TV personality, and businesswoman, founder of Martha Stewart Living magazine, uses Gommage Yon-Ka. It's the first thing she does every morning before showering. This hydrating gel peel offers 4-in-1 benefits, exfoliating, clarifying, hydrating, and balancing the skin all in one product composed of 94% natural ingredients.

You'll find Phyto-Contour, an eye contour refreshing creme-gel in the beauty routine of Tracee Ellis Ross, actress, director, producer, host, and former model, and Kerry Washington, also an American actress, producer, and director. An anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles eye treatment resulting in  a fresher, brighter look.

Actresses Hillary Swank and Katherine Heigl are avid users of Yon-Ka Lotion, the iconic spray-on mist that hydrates,  refreshes, and invigorates the skin all day long. Katherine Heigl adds the anti-imperfection SOS Spot Roll-on and the purifying, soothing Crème 15. As she recently proclaimed at the Emmy Awards ceremony, she's a big fan of Yon-Ka Paris!

Singer Kylie Minogue cultivates her healthy glow and regenerates her skin from the harmful effects of the Australian sun with Phyto 58 night cream, which revitalizes dull, asphyxiated, and tired skin.

Victoria and David Beckham, personalities of song, fashion, and sport, and people among people, highly exposed and vigilant about their image, have chosen Pamplemousse radiance cream, rich in vitamin C and essential citrus oils.

Madonna and Jennifer Lopez are both fans of Gel Nettoyant, a gentle cleansing gel ideal for combination to oily skin prone to imperfections. A must-have skincare routine for skin that regularly wears makeup and is often out of balance due to  the use of a wide variety of products.

Oprah Winfrey, the famous American talk-show host, describes Yon-Ka creamy cleanser, Nettoyant Creme  as "the perfect cleanser for sensitive skin, affected by hormonal changes. With the added bonus of a hint of peppermint to cool stressed and reactive skin.

Now that you've discovered which Yon-Ka Paris products align with your favorite stars' beauty regimens, it's time to embrace these celebrity-approved must-haves for a skincare routine worthy of the stars themselves!

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