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Yon-Ka has a wide range of natural face and body skincare products for women and men of all ages. These personalized products can be tailored to each skin type, each need and each current concern. They will protect or bring back your skin’s balance, comfort, radiance, suppleness, and firmness while slowing down the signs of time.

Discover the different Yon-Ka product ranges and choose the one that will sublimate your skin.

Boosters: Customise your current skincare products

With its 4 ultra-concentrated Boosters, Yon-Ka helps you personalise your daily skin care routine. Each Booster addresses a specific problem and allows you to enrich and overactivate your day or night cream according to the day and the season to meet your skin's changing needs:

  • HYDRA +, the ultra-moisturizing solution with blackcurrant extract
  • NUTRI +, vitalizing and vitaminized, with Cereal germ oil
  • DEFENSE +, the anti-oxidant oil, with Pine Bark Polyphenols, to protect your skin from environmental aggressions
  • LIFT +, the firming solution with Rosemary extracts

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Sensitive: your solution for reactive skin

The SENSITIVE Yon-Ka Face Collection is designed for sensitive, reactive skin prone to redness. Formulated to minimise the risk of allergy, it immediately soothes intolerant skin and sensations of discomfort thanks to its natural calming, repairing, desensitising and anti-reddening active ingredients.

  • SENSITIVE CREME, SENSITIVER SKIN, with Sensibiotic Complex.
  • SENSITIVE CREME ANTI-REDNESS, with Centella Asiatica
  • SENSITIVE MASQUE, with arnica

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Elastine: the perfect treatment for your first wrinkles

The ELASTINE face care range, with 19 amino acids, acts effectively on the first signs of ageing and consists of a smoothing anti-wrinkle duo that preserves the skin's elasticity for a long time:

  • ELASTINE JOUR, with Elastin peptides and Shea butter
  • ELASTINE NUIT, with Elastin and Soy peptides

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Excellence Code Mask: the complete anti-aging collection

Based on fundamental research on cellular ageing, the Yon-Ka EXCELLENCE CODE range, Face and Eye/Lip Contour, satisfies the multiple demands of mature skin: wrinkles, firmness, lack of radiance, dryness of the skin, brown spots.

A global anti-aging product, it acts 360 degrees on all the signs of time and is composed of 4 complementary products:

  • CELLULAR CODE SERUM, with Cell-Energy complex
  • EXCELLENCE CODE CREME, with Immortality Herb
  • EXCELLENCE CODE MASQUE, with Souchet Sultan
  • EXCELLENCE CODE CONTOURS, with Silk Tree extract

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Time Resist: the Youth Activator Duo

The Yon-Ka TIME RESIST Face Collection with plant stem cells and the Youth Energy complex is a real youth activator. It helps fight against oxidative stress, fills in wrinkles and promotes skin regeneration.


  • TIME RESIST JOUR, wrinkle filler
  • TIME RESIST NUIT, anti-fatigue and smoothing.

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Hydra No. 1: unsurpassed hydration treatment

The Yon-Ka HYDRA N°1 Face Range offers dehydrated, dry or oily skin intense and long-lasting hydration through a complete and tailor-made programme composed of 4 complementary products.

Rich in imperata cylindrica extract and high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, it quickly restores a revitalized, comforted, smooth and soft skin.

  • HYDRA N°1 SERUM, long-lasting moisturizer, all skin types
  • HYDRA N° 1 FLUIDE, moisturizing and mattifying for normal to oily skin
  • HYDRA N°1 CREME, moisturizing and restorative for dry or sensitive skin
  • HYDRA N° 1 MASQUE, intense and restorative moisturizer - can also be used as a night mask

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Alpha: the renewing duo with fruit acids

The ALPHA Face Care collection is designed for dull and asphyxiated, dry or oily skin. Rich in scientifically dosed fruit acids (AHA), it gently eliminates dead cells, visibly improves skin quality, tightens dilated pores and reveals fresh, moisturised and radiant new skin.

An expert programme consisting of :

  • ALPHA-PEEL, renewing gel peel to be applied in the evening
  • ALPHA-FLUID, moisturising renewal fluid to be applied in the morning. This day skincare renovates and revitalises skin, leaving it softer and more beautiful.

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Advanced Optimizer: the complete firming program

The Advanced Optimizer redensifying skin care collection is designed for skin that lacks firmness and shows signs of sagging, particularly on the lower face and neck.

Its assets? The combination of powerful active ingredients with synergistic properties to boost the skin's firmness, the features are as if redefined, the skin is visibly firmer, plumper and smoother.

The products in the range contain redensifying and firming active ingredients, Hibiscus Peptides in the serum and gel, Lupin Peptides in the cream, combined with Horsetail rich in silicon with restructuring properties, Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid for a moisturizing and smoothing action..

You can complete this programme on the neck and décolleté with the Lift Advanced Optimizer Gel.

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Aroma Fusion: a relaxing getaway for your senses

The Yon-Ka AROMA-FUSION body care collection offers everyone a unique experience through 4 aromatic worlds and 4 tailor-made programmes:

  • DETOX, with Lavender and Helichrysum essential oils - it exfoliates, moisturises, detoxifies, relaxes; it's like being in the Provençal scrubland!
  • SILHOUETTE, with Cedar and Cypress essential oils - it exfoliates, refines, firms and invigorates like after a walk in the forest.
  • VITALITÉ, with Mandarin and Sweet Orange essential oils - it exfoliates and moisturises, nourishes and repairs damaged hands, and provides a gentle, invigorating energy.
  • RELAX, with intoxicating notes of Tiare and Jasmine Flowers - it exfoliates and nourishes the skin and hair and invites you to let go.

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Yon-Ka For Men : Complete range for Men

The Yon-Ka FOR MEN collection meets the specific needs of men's skin, which is often thicker and more oily but also sensitive to shaving. It is divided into three phases: purify, tone and regenerate, based on simple and quick gestures for the well-being and balance of the skin on a daily basis. It is composed of 7 products:

  • GEL MOUSSE, the gentle cleansing treatment that replaces soap
  • CRÈME A BARBE, firewall treatment for sensitive skin
  • SCRUB MOUSSE, the exfoliating scrub gel anti-gray mine, anti-blackheads and anti-hair under the skin
  • LOTION YK, the refreshing cleansing lotion with 9 essential oils that boosts the skin and mood
  • ANTI-AGE, the regenerating moisturizing anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant cream
  • NUTRI-CRÈME, multivitamin cream that protects the skin from daily environmental damage
  • GEL YEUX, the refreshing, anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles gel

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Solar Care: the sunscreen collection

The Yon-Ka SOLAR CARE collection provides optimal UV protection during sun exposure. It is enriched with self-tanning, tan-prolonging, moisturising and repairing products and helps prevent skin ageing thanks to its natural anti-oxidant, regenerating and soothing active ingredients. It contains: polyphenols from 3 teas, vitamins A, C, E, B5, calendula....

It is composed of 4 products:

  • SPF 50 UVA-UVB , high protection - Face and sensitive areas
  • LAIT APRES-SOLEIL, face and body
  • LAIT AUTO-BRONZANT, face and body

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