About Us


Established in 1954, Yon-Ka stands as a quintessential French brand, a creation fueled by the botanical ardor of the Mühlethaler family. Visionaries Cécile, Ernest, and Charles Mühlethaler founded Laboratoires Multaler, pioneering aromatherapy and phytotherapy with ancestral knowledge guarded among a select few in the scientific and medical realm.

Rooted in a fascination for the delicate aromas of plants and sun-energized essential oils, the Mühlethaler family meticulously tested the cleansing, healing, and mood-altering properties on themselves and their cherished ones. Initially crafted for medical use by physiotherapists, their debut products marked the genesis of a transformative journey.

A pivotal moment arose in their exploration with the birth of Quintessence—a harmonious fusion of five essential oils from the Mediterranean region, forever imprinting the signature of their illustrious phyto-aromatic brand.


To cater to the preferences of both nature-loving consumers and discerning professionals, Yon-Ka broadened its product range during an era dominated by chemistry. Recognizing the reign of chemistry, Yon-Ka distributed diverse iterations of their skincare product ranges to aestheticians seeking "therapeutic" solutions tailored for challenging skin conditions.


The inception of Yon-Ka's narrative began with the pioneering creation of phyto-aromatherapy, blending the therapeutic essence of aromatherapy with active ingredients extracted from the diverse natural components within plants. This innovative concept gave rise to synergies, introducing the transformative notion of phyto-aromatherapy. Professionals were captivated and persuaded by the efficacy, the harmonizing power of aromas, immediate post-treatment results, and positive client feedback. During this period, Yon-Ka products were exclusively accessible within the confines of France.


Assuming leadership roles, Françoise and Catherine, daughter and niece of the founders, took on the positions of CEO and Managing Director at Laboratoires Multaler. With Françoise's background in biochemistry and Catherine's expertise as an aesthetician, their synergistic skills ushered in a new era for the brand, focusing on spa treatment proficiency.

Yon-Ka once again led the way in pioneering holistic skincare, marking the onset of the brand's international expansion.


Establishing an American subsidiary, Laboratoires Multaler tapped into the burgeoning spa market on the North American continent. Yon-Ka responded to this trend by incorporating new beauty routines centered on well-being into their product range.

The introduction of aromatic fragrances and tailored application techniques within these routines beckoned customers to indulge in moments of relaxation and escape.


Yon-Ka introduced fruit acids (AHA) to their product lineup, unveiling these then lesser-known but promising active ingredients. Renowned for their smoothing, exfoliating, anti-wrinkle, and radiance-enhancing properties, these substances found a special place within Yon-Ka's offerings.

In France, Yon-Ka emerged as one of the pioneering brands effectively harnessing the benefits of these innovative compounds.


Laboratoires Multaler moved to a location near Paris and equipped their factory to meet ISO 22716 standards and beyond, with a clean room, highly-sophisticated quality control equipment, traceability management, etc.


In 2007, Yon-Ka Paris broke new ground with the launch of our Yon-Ka for Men range, a dedicated solution addressing the unique challenges of men's oilier, thicker skin often affected by shaving. This innovative product line not only purifies and revitalizes the skin, enabling it to breathe freely, but also optimizes the effectiveness of other skincare products. From restoring the skin's vitality to offering a luxurious final touch in skincare pleasure, and rejuvenating for a youthful glow, Yon-Ka for Men became the quintessential step in our comprehensive skincare routine.


In 2012, Yon-Ka underwent a transformative evolution as we unveiled a redesigned packaging, embracing a younger and more refined aesthetic. This bold visual rejuvenation not only mirrored the timeless efficacy of our skincare products but also appealed to a new generation of beauty enthusiasts. The fresh look symbolized our commitment to innovation and modernity, inviting individuals to experience the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary luxury within every Yon-Ka product.


In 2014, Yon-Ka celebrated its 60th anniversary! Six decades dedicated to the well-being of both women and men.

This milestone marked a remarkable journey of commitment to enhancing the health and happiness of individuals through Yon-Ka's products and services. The brand's enduring legacy of 60 years reflected a rich history of devotion to skincare excellence, embodying a timeless dedication to the holistic well-being of every customer.


In 2016, Laboratoires Multaler unveiled their cutting-edge anti-ageing collection, introducing the Time Resist range designed to fill wrinkles and defy the passage of time. Additionally, enhancements were made to the Age Exception range, the pinnacle of the company's premium and comprehensive anti-ageing line. This strategic expansion reinforced the brand's commitment to innovation, offering a dynamic duo of skincare solutions to address the diverse needs of individuals on their quest for timeless beauty.


In 2017, we introduced a game-changing approach to skincare with the launch of four face boosters. These innovative formulations feature potent concentrations of effective active ingredients, allowing individuals to personalize their beauty regimen like never before. Empowering our customers to tailor their skincare routine, these face boosters marked a significant stride towards a more individualized and effective beauty experience.


In 2018, we unveiled the exquisite Aroma Fusion body care collection, a testament to our commitment to holistic well-being. This innovative line featured four distinct product ranges—Detox, Silhouette, Vitality, and Relax—meticulously crafted to address specific needs. Beyond mere skincare, these indulgent products invited users on a sensory journey, enveloping them in fragrances that not only relaxed the mind but also delivered visible results, making self-care an aromatic and transformative experience.


In 2012, Yon-Ka underwent a striking transformation, revealing a fresh visual identity and a revamped, user-friendly website. Our new look mirrors the essence of our brand—natural, authentic, and brimming with energy. Now, navigating and discovering information about your favorite products is easier than ever. Stay connected with Yon-Ka on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop with our latest updates and news.