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Lotion Yon-Ka PS vs. Lotion Yon-Ka PNG: Which is Right for Your Skin?

Lotion Yon-Ka PS vs. Lotion Yon-Ka PNG: Which is Right for Your Skin?
There’s no denying the importance of cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Washing your face every morning and evening removes makeup, accumulated oil, and impurities that might clog your pores while moisturizer restores your skin’s hydration. As important as these steps may be, if you’re not using toner you may not be getting the full benefit of your skincare regimen. Yon-Ka Paris offers two toning mists — Lotion Yon-Ka PS and Lotion Yon-Ka PNG. While they have a similar name, they’re to be used on different skin types. Read on to learn the importance of using a toner and an in-depth look at both Lotion Yon-Ka skincare products to help you understand which is right for your skin…

Why Is It Important to Use Toner?

When it comes to skincare essentials, products like cleanser and moisturizer are easy to understand. Cleansers clean your skin and moisturizers moisturize it. For products like toners and serums, however, things may not be as straightforward. Toners are commonly misunderstood, and many people don’t know how to use them, when to use them, or if they even should. The truth is anyone can use toner and everyone should. Toner is simply a quick-absorbing liquid that helps balance your skin and improves its ability to absorb moisture. If your knowledge of toner dates back a few decades, you may remember it being incredibly drying – a product acne-afflicted teenagers used to combat excessive oil. At the time, even some dermatologists frowned upon its use, but modern toners like Lotion Yon-Ka are much different. Not only are many toners now alcohol-free, like Lotion Yon-Ka, but they are designed to address a variety of skin concerns outside acne and oily skin. The key to a great toner is natural and scientifically proven ingredients that purify, clarify, and hydrate the skin. All Yon-Ka Paris toners include Quintessence, a synergistic blend of essential oils that support healthy, revitalized looking skin.

The Power of Yon-Ka Paris Quintessence

With over 65 years of experience in the luxury skincare industry, Yon-Ka Paris delivers a unique and therapeutic experience with each and every one of their products. Backed by research in phyto-aromatic therapy, Yon-Ka products are scientifically proven to provide age-defying results. As part of a medley of plant-based ingredients, Yon-Ka Paris products feature Quintessence, a proprietary essential oil complex that includes the following:
  • Lavender Oil – Known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefit, this soothing essential oil fights the bacteria that trigger inflammation and cause acne blemishes.
  • Rosemary Oil – This oil contains iron, calcium, and vitamin B6 which support healthy collagen levels. It also helps treat issues like wrinkles, lack of firmness, sun damage, and acne.
  • Geranium Oil – With its natural anti-aging properties, geranium oil helps prevent sagging skin and wrinkles. It also speeds cell renewal which may help fade dark spots and scars.
  • Thyme Oil – Rich in manganese and vitamin K, thyme oil contains antioxidants and provides both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Cypress Oil – This essential oil kills bacteria to promote clean skin and helps regulate oil production as well, reducing acne breakouts. It also prevents the visible signs of aging.
This aromatic blend of essential oils is the heart and soul of Yon-Ka Paris products. The two main Yon-Ka Paris toners highlight Quintessence and its refreshing, invigorating qualities.

The Top Two Yon-Ka Paris Toners

A good toner isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Lotion Yon-Ka, available in two formulations, is more than just a toner. It soothes and tones the complexion while optimizing the effects of your personal skincare regimen. Lotion Yon-Ka PS and Lotion Yon-Ka PNG are best-selling formulas with one being sold globally every 3 minutes. These toners are perfect for regular toning or as a daytime pick-me-up to refresh the skin whenever needed. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right formula for your skin:

Lotion Yon-Ka PS This versatile toner is formulated for dry and sensitive skin types. The “PS” at the end of the name is an acronym for Peaux Seche, French for “dry skin”. It’s designed to deliver refreshing, invigorating moisture with the solar-charged energy of five aromatic essential oils. Free from alcohol and parabens, this toner soothes and tones the complexion while optimizing the effects of other skincare products. It contains 0.4% of Quintessence, as well as vegetal glycerin for increased hydration. Apply morning and evening after cleansing and massage in any excess.

Lotion Yon-Ka PNG Formulated for normal to oily skin types, this invigorating mist features a gentle aroma and energizing effect. The “PNG” at the end of the name is an acronym for Peaux Normales ou Grasses, French for "normal to oily skin". This formula drenches the skin in moisture, delivering the purifying and toning effects of five essential oils to soothe and tone the complexion. It is completely free from alcohol and parabens, safe for daily use and can be used as a complement to Masque 103 to reinforce its action. It contains 0.6% of Quintessence, slightly more than Lotion Yon-Ka PS.

Tips for Using Toner Correctly

The right toner will enhance the effects of your other skincare products, as long as you use it correctly. Here are some simple tips for getting the most out of your favorite Yon-Ka Paris toner:
  • Include toner in your day and night skincare routines, no longer than one minute after cleansing.
  • Apply toner when your face is still slightly damp to ensure optimal penetration and hydration.
  • Spray toner directly onto your skin or apply using a cotton pad – massage it into the face and neck using your fingertips.
  • Follow toner with your preferred treatment-focused products like serum and eye cream.
  • Finish your skincare regimen with moisturizer appropriate for your skin type – you may want a different moisturizer for day and night.
Choosing the right products for your skincare regimen is just as important as the regimen itself. Used consistently, these products help cleanse, purify, moisturize, and repair your skin so it looks and feels its best. Contact your local Yon-Ka Paris spa for a virtual consultation and product recommendations or shop for your favorite Yon-Ka Paris products online using the Skin Advisor.
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