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Spa of the Month: Fiori Skincare by Sarah Vetere

Spa of the Month: Fiori Skincare by Sarah Vetere
Each month Yon-Ka Paris features our top spa partners as a way of helping you find the very best when it comes to luxury skincare experiences. Due to their commitment to excellence when it comes to high touch, luxurious professional spa treatments, we award Fiori Skincare with our December 2021 “Spa of the Month”. Quality skincare is tailored to the individual’s skin type and their unique skin concerns. At Fiori Skincare, Sarah Vetere seeks to deliver a personalized experience for each and every client who walks through the door. From convenient online booking to custom-tailored product selection, every treatment is crafted to deliver dependable results. Guests at Fiori Skincare are encouraged to view skincare as a key element in a comprehensive wellness plan. Like a workout with a personal trainer, professional facial treatments complement proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to support overall wellness. Whether you’re looking to resolve a specific issue or simply maintain the health of your skin, Fiori Skincare is the place to be in Fort Worth, TX.

What Makes Fiori Skincare Unique?

Sarah Vetere
Sarah Vetere takes pride in created a unique and personalized experience for each and every client. Rather than selecting a regimented service, clients focus on booking time with Sarah. Every appointment begins with a skin analysis followed by a custom protocol inspired by Yon-Ka Paris treatment philosophies. From the moment you walk through the door, your comfort and satisfaction become the priority. But it doesn’t end when you leave – Sarah makes herself available to answer questions and is always open to taking additional steps to ensure client satisfaction. At Fiori Skincare, clients are invited to enjoy the following services:
  • Customized facials
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Dermal resurfacing
  • Brow wax
  • Lip wax or sugar
  • Lash tinting and lift
  • Skincare consultations
No matter which service you choose, clients at Fiori Skincare receive personalized care and custom skincare advice. While professional treatments are a powerful tool for achieving healthy skin, Sarah recognizes the importance of at-home maintenance. Education is a key element in her practice. Sarah encourages clients to follow their Yon-Ka professional treatments with a self-care regimen at home.
"When I finally learned about the full Yon-Ka Paris collection, and experienced the aroma and texture of the products, I fell in love with the versatility of Yon-Ka and how the products give me the ability to deliver a completely personalized luxury experience for every single one of my clients." —Sarah Vetere

Featured Services and Treatments

At Fiori Skincare, Sarah seeks to deliver a private, one-on-one experience for every client. Trained in the European style of treatment, her practice focuses on personalization, lifestyle, and daily rituals to promote both healthy skin and daily wellness. Sarah offers a wide variety of custom facial services as well as signature Yon-Ka treatments as well as advanced skin solutions. Here are some of the most popular services available at Fiori Skincare:
  • Fiori Custom Facial – This 60-minute facial includes a skin analysis which is then used to create a customized facial treatment unique to the client’s skin type and needs.
  • Dermal Resurfacing + Infusion – Soften fine lines, control acne, and improve hydration with this intensive 80-minute facial. This treatment includes an enzyme peel and exfoliation to remove dead skin cells followed by nano-needling to infuse a custom-blended vitamin serum.
  • Yon-Ka Classique Facial – This 60-minute facial is botanically based, featuring Yon-Ka skincare products to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, and rebuild healthy skin.
  • Fiori Anti-Aging Facial – Restore the youthful glow and suppleness of your skin with this customized anti-aging facial perfect for mature, hormonally challenges, and hyperpigmented skin. It also targets dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.
Clients of varying ages can enjoy healthy, glowing skin through the services of Sara Vetere at Fiori Skincare. In addition to traditional facials, Sarah offers the Teen Clean Facial as well as the Men’s Back Wax. Clients can also take advantage of supplementary services like Brazilian wax, lash tinting, lash lift, and lip wax or sugar. Sarah also offers 30-minute skincare consultations.

Fiori Skincare’s Partnership with Yon-Ka Paris

Sarah Vetere discovered French-inspired skincare brand Yon-Ka Paris while attending esthetics school. Impressed with the packaging and presentation of the products, she immediately fell in love. While attending the Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics, Sarah had the opportunity to tour one of the most luxurious spas in Houston, TX where Yon-Ka Paris products were featured. When she opened her own spa six years later, the first thing she did was reach out to a local Yon-Ka Paris representative. The unique aroma, texture, and versatility of Yon-Ka Paris products was a perfect fit for Sarah’s skincare company. They enabled her to deliver a completely personalized, luxury experience for her clients with visible and reliable results. Yon-Ka’s Excellence Code treatment is a go-to for Sarah and her clients. Infused with active, advanced ingredients, the formula delivers noticeable results without irritating the skin. She frequently uses it with micro-current and infusion treatments in conjunction with Masque Bio Cellulose and Serum Cell Energy. In addition to utilizing Yon-Ka Paris products in her spa, Sarah encourages her clients to maintain their results with Yon-Ka’s extensive line of at-home skincare products. Whether you seek immediate results or routine maintenance, Fiori Skincare by Sarah Vetore offers a completely customizable experience. Step out of the stress of daily life and into the warm and welcoming environment at Fiori Skincare.
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