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Spa Of The Month: Dalini Skin Care Spa

Spa Of The Month: Dalini Skin Care Spa
Each month Yon-Ka Paris features our top spa partners as a way of helping you find the very best when it comes to luxury skincare experiences. Due to their commitment to excellence when it comes to high touch, luxurious professional spa treatments, we award Dalini Skin Care Spa with our August 2021 “Spa of the Month”. Beauty is more than skin deep, and no one understands that more than Dalini Anaman, esthetician, teacher, and owner of Dalini Skin Care Spa. From the moment you enter Dalini Skin Care Spa, you’ll be enveloped in world of relaxation and holistic healing, surrounded by stunning gemstones, amethyst geodes, soft lighting, and subtle aromatherapy. Each treatment is a gift of self-care to yourself, attuned to every sensory detail of your experience. Guests at Dalini Skin Care Spa enjoy expert treatment with the finest Yon-Ka products, a winning combination that brings forth the true radiance already present within you. Your stressors will be soothed away, allowing your natural beauty to emerge so you look and feel vibrantly alive. Stop in to receive a custom anti-aging facial, acne treatment, or post-surgery treatment from the holistic estheticians at Dalini Skin Care Spa – your optimal wellness awaits.

What Makes Dalini Skin Care Spa Unique?

Beauty is more than your outward appearance – it shines forth from within your soul. At Dalini Skin Care Spa, guests enjoy holistic skincare treatments catered to their individual needs while relaxing in an environment created for total relaxation. The professionals at Dalini Skin Care Spa help you transform and illuminate the radiance of your own skin, calling forth your inner beauty, power, and confidence. Guests at the Dalini Skin Care Spa enjoy the following amenities:
  • Nourishing, revitalizing facials for men and women
  • Anti-aging facials boosted by microcurrent technology
  • Deep pore cleansing for acne-prone skin
  • Anti-scarring treatments for post-op surgical patients
  • Tinting and waxing treatments
Nurturing others has been Dalini’s lifelong calling and her inspiration for opening the spa. She uses only the finest natural products combined with the latest skincare technologies to deliver effective and unforgettable experiences for every client. At Dalini Skin Care Spa, you’re encouraged to voice your concerns as well as your desires so the experts can help you achieve your skincare and self-care goals.

Featured Services and Treatments

Under Dalini’s attentive care, clients see the inherent luminosity of their skin restored. Natural products combined with holistic skincare services yield an unforgettable experience with inarguable results. Here are some of the treatments featured at Dalini:
  • Deep Hydration Facial – This 75-minute facial delivers deep, long-lasting hydration. Your skin will luxuriate in vitamin-rich creams and oils that have the hydrating power to heal even the most dehydrated complexions.
  • Men’s Calm & Soothe Facial – This calming facial is designed for extremely dry, sensitive skin as well as rosacea and dermatitis. In just 60 minutes, your skin will feel soothed, less irritated, and deeply hydrated.
  • LED Light Therapy Facial – Powered by LED light, this 20-minute facial plumps aging skin and treats mild-to-moderate acne. It also encourages natural moisturization for healthier, more youthful-looking skin.
  • Babor TheraPro Peeling Treatment – Suitable for all skin types affected by acne, this non-invasive resurfacing treatment uses a blend of AHAs and controlled pH values to exfoliate the skin without inflammation.
In addition to delivering effective treatments, Dalini offers support and education in making healthy lifestyle choices to support your skincare goals. Her calm and steady presence will allow you to melt into the massage table as she unwinds tension from your body and anoints your skin with the highest quality products formulated for your unique skin type. The experience has been described by clients like “being kissed on the cheeks by angels.”

Dalini’s Partnership with Yon-Ka Paris

With more than 30 years’ experience in the spa industry, Dalini knows what it takes to bring out the best in your skin. Her partnership with Yon-Ka Paris began in 1993 when she received her first Yon-Ka facial. After using the products herself for a year, Dalini decided to incorporate them in her spa practice. Here are some of the Yon-Ka products and treatments featured at Dalini:
  • Excellence Code Facial – An exceptional anti-aging facial for hormonally mature skin, this treatment treats all visible signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.
  • Hydra No. 1 Serum – This deep hydrating serum comforts dry, dehydrated skin with a healing dose of hyaluronic acid. Comprised of 95% natural ingredients, this treatment delivers long-lasting hydration and antioxidant protection against the visible signs of aging.
  • Men’s Personalized Facial – Keep your skin looking youthful, vital, and healthy with this personalized facial featuring Yon-Ka’s skincare products designed especially for men.
  • Cellular Code Serum – Restore your skin’s natural youthfulness with this anti-aging serum comprised of 97% natural ingredients. With its silky texture, this serum absorbs quickly into the skin to reinvigorate oxygenation and optimize skin function for smoother, firmer skin.
  • Yon-Ka Acne Treatment Facial – This highly specific treatment features Yon-Ka products and is designed to cleanse the skin, clear the pores, and reduce inflammation without drying the skin.
  • Phyto Contour – An anti-fatigue contour cream for the eyes, this formula stimulates micro-circulation to eliminate puffiness and dark circles. Enriched with the toning properties of rosemary, this formula unveils brighter, firmer, and more defined contours.
The combination of Yon-Ka products and Dalini’s decades of experience is what makes Dalini Skin Care Spa so unique. Customers leave their concerns on the massage table and rise feeling rejuvenated and renewed with skin that glows.
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