Yon-Ka treatment ritual experience

Reconnecting with yourself and letting go is the whole experience of a Yon-Ka face or body care journey.

Aromatic and sensorial, holistic and personalised, each skincare ritual combines the olfactory signature of the brand, the art and expertise of chiselled protocols, active ingredients with proven effectiveness and the skill of Yon-Ka certified professionals.

Your skin regains its vital energy and freshness, your tensions dissipate, you feel good, in harmony with yourself and your environment.

A day at a Yon-Ka spa

It's a big day for your holistic getaway and personalized wellness journey. Today you have decided to think of yourself and live the unique experience Yon-Ka invites you to.

Indulge in an assured journey at the institute or spa you've selected!

The moment you step in, let the enchanting aromas of Yon-Ka Quintessence embrace you. Inhale deeply as the expert hands of your Yon-Ka beautician delicately rejuvenate your face, work magic with body massage, and effortlessly release built-up tension.

Feel not just revived but truly elevated—watch fatigue vanish, revealing a radiant and rejuvenated you!

YON-KA face treatments

Prolonging the youthfulness of your face, fighting against imperfections, dehydration, pigmentation spots..., is above all knowing your skin's true needs after an in-depth beauty diagnosis.

Because your skin is like no other. It is linked to your environment, your occupation, your nutritional, emotional and physiological balance.

Each Yon-Ka phyto-aromatic product, each specific technique must be adapted to its sensitivity, whether it is a deep cleansing, a moisturising or intense regeneration treatment, a judiciously dosed peeling.

Through this personalised facial, and whatever time you have available, your Yon-Ka beautician will give you a unique aromatic and sensory experience with immediately visible and lasting effectiveness.

You are relaxed and re-energised. Your face lights up. Your complexion is brighter. Your features are smoothed out.

Yon-Ka body treatments

Expert treatments dedicated to slimming, firmness or comfort and softness treatments, each Yon-Ka body treatment brings well-being and results.

For both men and women, it all starts with an in-depth questionnaire to understand your needs, choose with you the essential oil synergy and personalised techniques that correspond to you, including:

  • the personalised exfoliating scrub. It eliminates dead cells, promotes the penetration of active ingredients and thus reinforces the effectiveness of the treatment,
  • the wrap, to promote the elimination of toxins,
  • the techniques and active targeted, to refine the figure, firm the tissues, lighten the legs,
  • finally, the aromatic Yon-Ka massage, a long-awaited moment to untie your tensions, recharge your batteries and bring you wonderful relaxation and new energy.


Here you are both re-energized and relaxed with soft, moisturized skin!

Yon-Ka treatments for men

Purify the skin, fight against the signs of ageing and pollution, eliminate imperfections, reduce dark circles and moisturise the epidermis: each Yon-Ka treatment is designed to effectively meet the specific needs of male skin.


Aromatic and personalized, each Yon-Ka care drawn for you, takes into account the sensitivity of your skin.


Whether it's the 30-minute express treatment between two appointments, or the one that lasts an hour or more, the objective is the same: drive fatigue from your face, relax, oxygenate and tone your skin and help you regain a healthy glow and fresh complexion.

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Near your home or on your holiday destination, in the US or in a distant country, find the Yon-Ka approved institute or spa that suits you, for an expert treatment or a sensory getaway.


Discover the benefits of phyto-aromatherapy on the body and mind with exceptional products and treatments recognized for their naturalness, effectiveness and quality.


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